Jumping Pixel  is a multi-disciplined team of talented individuals providing award-winning architectural design, 3d visualisation & multimedia solutions for clients from a diverse array of sectors.




                                                                                                                                     We specialise in creating refreshing architectural and interior design solutions, building information modelling (BIM), conceptual 3d imagery, photorealistic montages, virtual tours and animations, interactive media, rendered elevations and artistic free hand sketches.   Our designs and graphical output have proved to be extremely helpful to our client’s in presenting their visionary ideas for the future built environment.  We have assisted our clients on many occasions to win design competitions, successfully secure project funding and planning applications, or to simply support press releases in order to raise the profile of a development or their own company.  Since our inception 5 years ago, we have worked closely with industry partners to help deliver their projects consistently on budget and within very short timescales.

To meet the diversifying needs of the construction and property industry, we believe we have managed to successfully combine architecture with creative multimedia solutions to be able to produce truly engaging designs and presentations every time.  We are now more brand conscious, marketing focused and flexible to the range of visual needs required at every stage of the building life cycle. We are about adding value through design exploration, effective BIM co-ordination, creative problem solving and our marketing expertise to develop eye-catching imagery and CAD output that captures the essence of the buildings design. 

Our studio is equipped with a comprehensive render farm consisting of high-end CAD workstations, enabling us to produce beautiful 2d and 3d presentations with ease, whilst accommodating tight deadlines.

We are constantly exploring new and innovative techniques for us to use in our presentations and like to think we bring a unique and fresh approach to the architectural and 3d visualisation scene. 



Some recent high-profile projects we have been involved with include:

Bristol Skills Academy (£25m) - We were initially commissioned to help secure this academy project for the architects in a design competition.  A successful win meant we were further appointed as architectural advisers to lead the project up to RIBA Stage D.                      In addition to developing a detailed design and providing a full drawing package, we also produced a comprehensive suite of 3d visuals for the client, whilst implementing an effective Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy for the architects in order to create a complete 3d 'intelligent' CAD  model of the scheme.

Middlesbrough College (£50m) - Producing a set of photorealistic images that helped the client achieve planning approval and the backing of the governors.  In addition, we created a 2-minute animation for the award-winning scheme, which was aired on the Tyne Tees news channel and is also being used by the client for marketing the new College.  

Knowsley Schools (Schools of the Future) - Our architectural training meant that we were able to provide design input alongside our visualisation capabilities to produce a stunning 3-minute animation to help develop and explore the spatial qualities of the building design.

Pinnacle, Birmingham (£80m) - We were responsible for all the imagery presented in the recent publicity campaign for the scheme, which proved to be very successful.

Civic Building in Birmingham (£200m) - We helped to secure the competition win with a fluid design and concept imagery for this high profile scheme.






If you are searching for that extra 'wow' factor in a design solution or presentation material, or want a unique approach to selling your own scheme or design ideas in a way that reflects your brand or vision, then give us a call on 0845 053 1562  to discuss your project with us, or to email us with an enquiry please  click here.








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